The information provided below is the work product of the City of Cornwall which can be found at–chpi–program.aspx and is posted on this blog as a matter of convienece and information.

The Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative, has the ability to assist families in maintaining a permanent residence, rather than face eviction and homelessness.

The following are expenses that may be considered:

Households should have an after-tax household income at or below the Stats Canada Low-Income Measures (LIM).  Internationally, it is the most commonly used tool to measure low income levels. This tool is also more consistently used across agencies.

LIM uses line 236 of the income tax return as the base income level.  Additional deductions from line 236 can also include child care benefits, support payments (made by payer) and RDSP – this produces the net adjust income – which produces the LIM amount for that benefit size.

Chart showing maximum after-tax income per number of people living in the home

Total household liquid assets must be below Ontario Works asset limits, for the benefit unit size, and total accommodation costs must not exceed 80% of total household income.

There are additional criteria based on the request that you make.

Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program Recipients

Applications can be picked up directly at the Housing Access Centre, one of our Ontario Works Offices or online.
Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program Recipients Application link
Please complete the application form and submit with the following information:

Non Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program Recipients

If you are not currently in receipt of Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support, you must call to make an appointment at the contact information below.


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