What sets Shield Property Services apart from other management companies?

We are property owners too! We’ve owned and managed rental buildings for over a decade and love what we do. we’re all about sharing our knowled and expanding your opportunities not our business. we are here to give you the personal approach to protecting your investment.

“I trust you.”

This is my all time favourite thing to hear from my clients and our renters. When we have a mutual trust everything runs smoother.

We started in the rental market over 10 years ago. our very first home was a duplex. we’ve made the mistakes and still do but we learn from every single one and we come back better. 

Maybe your new to the game, maybe your seasoned and experianced but just to far away to take care of them yourself. whatever your situation we want to help. reach out to jacqueline or alex today at 1-800-717-7356 we would be happy to discuss how we can help your portfolio grow and stay profitable.