What sets Shield Property Services apart from other management companies?

We are property owners too.  Over the years, we too have used property management companies.  Two recuring statements stand out.

I don’t want to have apartments for rent.  I wanted rented apartments.

Price them right, not over the top.  If the price is too high, then it will interfere with the rental timeline.

Why do you take your management fee and maintenance fee off the top and give me the rest?”  Why do I have to wait sometimes over a week to get MY money?”

It is common practice for property management companies to deduct all fees associated with a property directly “off the top” and the remainder of the funds disbursed in due course, but not at Shield.

Although some owners prefer to receive the balance after the applied fees, others prefer to be invoiced, review the charges and then remit payment to Shield. Shield can accommodate either scenario.  Isn’t it nice to have a choice?

Along with our Property Management Division, we offer Consulting Services and a Maintenance / Renovation Division.

We have a thorough and detailed Owner / Property On-boarding Process. Firstly includes a Non-Disclosure Agreement to provide you the protection you need to share your goals and expectations with us.

We also have our custom-built online Owner Portal that you can access 24/7.    If you’re like us, you sometimes lay awake in bed wondering about the performance of your portfolio. Why wait for anyone when the information you need is only a few clicks away.

We have developed a robust and dedicated Tenant Screening Process, one that really works.