After inspecting thousands of properties in more than thirty years, I can categorically say that regular inspections of rental properties are vital.

Inspections may seem like an arduous task, but they can really pay off in the long run. Here are some reasons why routine inspections are critical to proper property management:


We encourage resident presence during the inspection

There should be at least one primary leaseholder present during the inspection. This will prevent any accusations of theft or mischief down the line, and it will also provide the opportunity to ask the resident about any potential problems with appliances, systems, or concerns about the unit.

We make sure residents understand why we’re doing the inspection

Kitchen faucet leaking. HVAC system in need of service? Structural integrity, appliance, and systems checks are key to good property management. We make sure to let residents know the reason for our visit by explaining how it benefits everyone.

We do not take photographs of interior personal items

Unlike a vacant unit, occupied rental property inspections have certain rules, and taking photos of identifiable personal items like pictures, valuables, pets, or people is not advisable.

We document all our findings and consult with the owner

It’s important to visually and physically document issues, but it’s equally essential to address such problems with both the owner and the tenant in writing. To that end, we keep our notifications formal and in writing if problems surface during the property inspection.

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